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Casual Hairstyles

Casual Hairstyles

Casual Hairstyles

A casual hairstyles that will be handy during the busy summer months. It is a fashionable hairstyles.

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Here are step-by-step how to get this hair style:




1. Divide the top section at the crest line.
2. Part over the middle section of the ear.
3. Converge all hair to the center of the back and cut with a razor cut-ting tool.




4. Elevate up to 45 degrees and cut at the center to remove length and weight.
5. Elevate the hair until the bottom drops out.
6. Cut the side section from front to back on a diagonal.




7. Cut on a diagonal to remove length.
8. Cut the left side on a diagonal line.
9. Cut the entire top section after over directing the hair to the back. Measure length from the bottom.




10. Cut the section at the center back to create light texture.
11. Using a V-shaped part line at the top, cut an asymetrical bang.
12. Texturize the bang to blend with the side sections.




13. Finished wet cut.
14. Finger dry using a warm hair dryer.
15. Continue drying to create a very tussled look.




16. Finished look.
17. Using a flat iron, smooth out the sections.
18. Continue smoothing all of the sections.




19. Using a flat iron, kick the ends of the hair out for added texture.
20. Finished look.

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